Front Desk Makeover at Seton Villa Retirement Centre

Upgrade a Place Where First Impressions Are Formed

Front Desk Makeover

We started our cooperation with Seton Villa with the first refinish in the lobby. We wrapped the reception desk with the architectural vinyl film. This quick upgrade made the outdated desk look modern and stylish. And when we speak of quick, we mean it. As our installer has refinished the surface in two days. That is what you get when working with Nelcos – fast, easy, more affordable surface renovation with our interior vinyl film.

The Patterns

For this front desk makeover, we used two types of vinyl wrap. The first one, that was used for the countertop, is W141 Walnut Medium Wood from the Wood Collection. And the second is NS814 Cremona Arabescato from the Stone & Marble Patterns.

Please take a look at how we renovated the front desk at Seton Villa in Burnaby.

Front desk makeover
Look at this perfect marble! Would you ever guess this is a film?

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