Exterior Elevator Renovation at Seton Villa

Hello Friends! 

Guess what? Our clients liked the front desk installation so much, that they have decided to come back to us with another proposition!  We have completed exterior renovation for three elevators and redecorated their frames too. Now the lobby at the Seton Villa looks so stylish and sophisticated. 
And again, it was a true pleasure working there and meeting all the wonderful people. 

The color that they chose was W141 – walnut architectural film – wood collection: https://nelcos.com/product/nelcos-w141-walnut-architectural-film-wood-collection/. This color is always in stock and you can order it anytime to refresh your interior  and to bring a new look to your space.

Check out the pictures below and give us a call anytime to book a meeting or request a free quote! 

Much Love, 

Nelcos Team 


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