Renovations at IKEA Vaughan – Nelcos Film Installation

Renovation at IKEA Vaughan | Nelcos Film Installation

How Small Details Change Impression

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IKEA store

New project

The Nelcos team in Toronto had a great opportunity to do several renovations at the IKEA Vaughan. For this project, they had to refinish Point of Sale terminal, storage, and a booth end and tray return station in the restaurant. Workers and visitors of the store use these areas constantly. That is why they wear out quickly and require an update. Usually they would update a space with some paint but this time they have decided to try something new. The architectural film form Nelcos is different from paint because of its high durability and stain resistance. It also maintains its perfect appearance for more than ten years. Additionally, it’s much more cost-effective than purchasing new pieces for the interior.


For these renovations, we used three different patterns from our Catalog. Specifically, S158 Gainsboro Gray for the terminal, S115 Snow White for the cafeteria area, and S140 Solid Black for the storage shelves. All these solid colors are from the Solid Colors Collection.

Please take a look at the photos below to see the before and after look of the pieces. Do you like the transformation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

To see our project at IKEA in Richmond, BC follow the link below:

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