IKEA choses innovative refinishing solution

IKEA Choses An Innovative Refinishing Solution

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During store interiors upgrade, IKEA designers used BODAQ

A furniture giant IKEA is known for the innovative decisions in their products and store design. This time, IKEA has chosen a modern solution for their stores’ renovation – Bodaq Interior Film. At the heart of Ikea’s success is value: they know how important it is to find a balance between cost and quality. That is why Bodaq is a perfect solution for the upgrade.

Let’s take a closer look at the refinished with architectural film surfaces and pieces at IKEA stores in different locations, including Richmond, BCVaughan, and Etobicoke in Ontario.

Self Checkout Desk (Etobicoke, ON)

These desks are in the high traffic area, so the material used as the final finishing solution should be durable and stain-resistant. That is why Bodaq is the best product to use in this case.

The process of architectural film installation at ikea
W389 on the surface of self checkout desk at ikae
IKEA Self Checkout refinished with W389 from Wood Collection
IKEA Self Checkout Desk Refinished with W389 Bodaq Interior Film

Desk of Returns (North York, ON)

For this desk, we used two kinds of architectural film – W389 Ash  from the Standard Wood Collection for the countertop and S115 Snow White interior film from the Sold Colors Collection for the base.

Desk of returns refinished with Bodaq Interior Film
Desk of returns at ikea refinished with W389 and S115 Bodaq Interior Film

Display Wall (Richmond, BC)

We refinished our first surface at IKEA Richmond at their Småland play area. You can check out the before and after pictures of this renovation by the link – Choosing Safe Materials For Children Areas.

The next area we have refinished on the famous IKEA showroom floor in one of the booths that were getting ready to be filled with the furniture pieces. But to accentuate the main wall in the booth interior, they needed a feature wall that would catch attention instantly. We reached the goal with PM006 Pietra Interior Film from the Stone & Marble Collection.

Display wall and PM006 Pietra Marble at Ikea showroom

Nelcos team already had an opportunity to work on the renovation project at another IKEA location in Vaughan, ON. These, we had refinished several surfaces. You can take a look at this project’s before and after images by the link – How Small Details Change Impression.

We are happy to continue working with IKEA and posting the progress on each project here, in our blog. Stay tuned – we will keep you updated!

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